About Us

The Ivory Coast Times, is the website that has been brought live on the internet to publish the news of both “The African region and from other regions of the world. As by its name one can easily understand that this news website also caters to the domestic news of the Ivory Coast with catering to the different kinds of news from all across the African region. Our websites work more like an N.G.O, as we highlight the issues of the masses of the African region through our different Ivory Coast Times News Updates. Our news website aims to make sure that the benefits of the democracy of each African country reach to its people respectively, and that is what we do by highlighting the issues of people’s interest for their elected leaders on our news website.

We do not want to lose the trust of people on our website, which we have got over the course of time. Getting the trust of the people, has nothing to do with coming up with different sorts of breaking news from online news website’s perspective, as it requires another approach and that is to make sure that the news is authentic on the website. This is what we have been taking care of for the longest period of time.

Marketing your business is not a problrem any more, as this website offers you to use the platform that will help you to take your business to the next higher level and make totally different customers out of the African region. We encourage startup businesses to submit their press releases and get recognized internationally and not only we get you recognized internationally, in fact, we help you to grab the audience that has a 90 percent chance to turn into your loyal customers. This is because our readers trust every advertisement, which goes live on our website and behind that there is our credibility.

As almost every industry has been overwhelmed by the benefits of the social media so as the news industry. That has compelled us to mark our presence strongly on social media, because we believe that we have to be always ready to adapt to the latest trends and technology and that also gives a message to your readers that you remain up-to-date as far as gathering and publishing the news is concerned. In order to make people know about the happenings around them we have gone one step ahead as we offer them to use our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds.