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Video of a committee meeting – Monday, 22 January 2018 – 15:06 – Committee on Budgetary Control

Disclaimer: The interpretation does not constitute an authentic record of proceedings.

The simultaneous interpretation of debates provided by the European Parliament serves only to facilitate communication amongst the participants in the meeting. It does not

Bread protests, coconut coding, and a volcanic tsunami: The Cheat Sheet

Every week, IRIN’s team of specialist editors scans the humanitarian horizon to curate a reading list on important and unfolding trends and events around the globe:

Sudan’s widening bread price protests

Despite a government crackdown, …

Tillerson hopes to visit controversial new U.S. London embassy next week

NNA – U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he hopes to visit the controversial new U.S. embassy during a trip to London next week, but the State Department said it had not been decided whether …

Near East: Remarks on The Way Forward for the United States Regarding Syria

SECRETARY TILLERSON: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Well, good morning. And I really, really appreciate this opportunity to swing down to Stanford while I was out on the West Coast and particularly …

Speech by President Juncker at the Plenary session of the European Parliament on the debate with the Prime Minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, on the Future of Europe

Mister President,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

To be very short: I could not agree more.

But I have to deliver a speech because the disappointment would be too big, if I did not do so.…