Namibia Commits to Renewable Energy Development, Says President Geingob at COP28

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Namibian President Hage Geingob, speaking at the COP28 conference in Dubai, has affirmed Namibia’s commitment to leveraging renewable energy for sustainable economic growth. This approach, he stated, will be both environmentally responsible and socially inclusive.

According to Namibian Press Agency (NAMPA), President Geingob emphasized Namibia’s strategy to position itself as a renewable energy innovation hub. This initiative aims to promote green industrialization, job creation, and ensure energy access for all citizens. Namibia is currently advancing nine green hydrogen projects, which are focused on using renewable energy to produce clean energy molecules, aiding in the decarbonization of sectors like transport and agriculture. The President also highlighted Namibia’s exploration of new industries in the chemicals and basic material sectors, which is expected to diversify the country’s exports and strengthen its gross fixed capital formation. With an ambitious goal to deploy over 10 gigawatts of renewable energy within the next two decades, President Geingob stated that this would greatly exceed the country’s current generation capacity. He noted the nation’s abundant reserves of lithium and rare earth elements, vital for the energy transition, and plans to manufact
ure battery precursors domestically using additional renewable energy. President Geingob also pointed out that significant new infrastructure developments, such as ports, roads, railways, and pipelines, are necessary for this green industrialization. He reiterated that this initiative is not only an economic necessity but also a means to achieve environmental sustainability and social equity. Concluding his speech, President Geingob called for collaboration and partnership to promote renewable energy technologies across Africa.