Innovative Door-to-Door Healthcare Service Debuts in Lamu by Checkups Medical Hub

Lamu, Kenya – Checkups Medical Hub is revolutionizing healthcare delivery in Lamu County with the launch of its innovative door-to-door healthcare service. The facility has already registered 400 households in Lamu Island, responding to the growing need for accessible and quality healthcare services in the region.

According to Kenya News Agency, Dr. Moka Lantum, CEO of Checkups Medical Centre, shared insights into the initiative during an interview with KNA at the launch event in Lamu Island. “Our goal is to deliver healthcare services directly to residents’ homes, alleviating the need for costly and time-consuming travel,” explained Dr. Moka.

The new service aims to enhance public health systems in collaboration with the county government, under the Afya Mashinani Initiative. It promises a comprehensive range of medical services, including diagnosis, testing, and the procurement and delivery of medications, right at the doorstep of Lamu residents.

“Our vision in Lamu is to establish an efficient and effective health system that caters to the health needs of the lower and middle-income populations in the county, making healthcare more affordable and accessible,” Dr. Moka elaborated.

Lamu Governor Issa Timamy applauded the initiative, recognizing it as a significant step towards the county’s objective of providing affordable healthcare services to its residents. He also encouraged Checkups Medical Hub to broaden their services to include Hindi, Mokowe, and Mpeketoni towns, which he identified as having considerable potential for such healthcare solutions.

This innovative approach by Checkups Medical Hub sets a new standard for healthcare delivery in Kenya, promising to transform the way medical services are accessed and administered in Lamu County.