County Aims To Pass 6 Bills For Equitable DevelopmentOpposition parties hail Geingob’s inclusivity

Kirinyaga County Assembly Speaker, Mr. Muteti Murimi, has revealed that the Assembly has six bills ready to be debated in the current sitting session.

Speaking to the press, Muteti said that 2023 was a successful year where, in the first and second sessions, MCAs were able to debate and pass 67 motions touching on various departments in the county executive, as well as pass and enact six bills into law.

Muteti explained that the bills were enacted after being subjected to the constitutional process of publication, first hearing and public participation, second hearing, third hearing, and the final stage of being signed into law by the county governor.

Speaker Muteti disclosed that the bills expected to be discussed included the Kirinyaga County Disability Bill 2023, the Kirinyaga County Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2023, the Kirinyaga County Public Participation Bill 2023, the Kirinyaga County Empowerment and Development Bill 2023, the Kirinyaga County Transport and Parking Bill 2023, and the Kirinyaga C
ounty Agricultural, Technical, and Vocational Training Bill 2023.

Speaker Muteti gave an example of what is contained in the Facility Improvement Fund Bill of 2023, which is a bill that will give autonomy to health facilities to be able to manage challenges faced in the health sector. The bill ensures that any funds collected from health services will only be utilised for health purposes and will be able to curb different challenges, e.g., shortages of medicine in different health facilities.

Kirinyaga Inspection and Enforcement Services Bill 2023, on the other hand, is a bill seeking to ensure that there is compliance with the county laws and regulations.

He added that they were in the process of bringing a bill to have a full office of the County Attorney with a County Solicitor and a Prosecutor to boost inspection services in the county.

The Kirinyaga Industrial Development Authority Bill of 2023 will create a board that will be responsible for mobilising investment in Kirinyaga County, specifically th
e Industrial Park that has been established in Sagana with an area of 274 acres.

The board will have a role in identifying investors, especially those focused on agro-processing, to create a market for the local producers and create employment for the youth.

The Kirinyaga Appropriation Bill of 2023 provides budget estimates on government expenditures, while the Kirinyaga Climate Change Bill of 2023 addresses the matter of climate change in line with mobilising resources.

Harrison Kariuki, a nominated Member of the County Assembly from Karumadi Ward representing people with disabilities, said he appreciated the Kirinyaga County Assembly for introducing the Kirinyaga County Disability Bill 2023, which he says is a milestone for people living with disabilities.

He added that since he joined the County Assembly, there have been some steps taken to protect people living with disabilities.

He divulged that he had mobilised people with disabilities to register for the disability card, which has a lot of benefit
s and is also used as an identification card.

‘The card helps us access bursaries and get tenders, and it also helps one import products cheaper without added cost, unlike others who don’t have the card,’ he said.

Kariuki also pleaded that people with disabilities be allocated more money in their bursaries since they have more needs.

Speaker Muteti mentioned good working relations with the executive and public as the main cause of the achievements they have been able to make for the last year and a half.

Source: Kenyai News Agency

SWAKOPMUND: Opposition political parties have hailed the late President Hage Geingob’s inclusiveness of all parties in the Namibian government, particularly his decision to appoint opposition member Dr Ester Muinjangue as deputy minister of Health and Social Services.

In their different tributes during a regional memorial service held at Swakopmund on Thursday, the opposition parties described the late Geingob as not just a politician, but also a beacon of hope and a champion of the people, whose unwavering commitment to the youth and dedication to inclusivity spoke volumes.

Popular Democratic Movement’s (PDM) Regional Coordinator, Roger Nautoro in a message delivered on his behalf said Geingob was able to look beyond political divides and touch the lives of countless Namibians.

‘His historical appointment of an opposition leader to serve as a deputy minister testifies that he was indeed a president of all the people,’ Nautoro narrated.

Secretary General of the United Democratic Front (UDF), Daniel Tsaneb
, described the late president as a unifier who always ensured good communication regardless of the situation.

Tsaneb recalled a time when the late president sat down with enraged youth who had decided to forcefully occupy land a few years ago and found solutions which were for the benefit of everyone.

‘No doubt he was indeed a leader with great attributes of leadership. He has led us to engage in a very difficult situations with a sit down approach. I can recall he was never mean during negotiations,’ Tsaneb said.

Walvis Bay Mayor and Vice President of the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC), Trevino Forbes, called on all Namibians to honour President Geingob’s memory by recommitting to the values he held dear.

‘Let us strive to carry forward the work to which he devoted his life. His spirit will live on in the hearts of all who were touched by his wisdom, kindness, and dedication to his country. ‘In this time of mourning, let us honour the late Geingob by continuing his work, upholding the principles
of democracy and justice and fostering unity and reconciliation in all our communities.’

Source: Namibia Press Agency