Answer – Relocation of refugees in the European Union – E-002495/2017

Relocation as provided in the Council Decisions is also a legal obligation. Therefore, the Commission through monthly reporting and regular work with Member States has continuously supported their efforts to contribute fairly and proportionally to this scheme.

In its last Relocation and Resettlement Report, the Commission, however, took note that despite repeated calls, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, in breach of their legal obligations stemming from the Council Decisions and their commitments to other Member States, have yet to take the necessary action.

Against this background, and as indicated before, the Commission has decided to launch infringement procedures against these three Member States. On 14 June 2017, the Commission formally launched infringement procedures against these three Member States by sending a letter of formal notice(1).

The Commission’s objective is that all those eligible who are currently present in Italy and Greece are relocated in the coming months. Member States’ legal obligations do not stop after September 2017. Therefore, the relocation procedure set out in those Decisions must still be carried out by all the Member States for eligible applicants within a reasonable timeframe thereafter.

More details concerning the implementation of the relocation scheme, including Commission’s recommendations to all Member States concerning further increase of pace of relocation, can be found in the Commission’s regular Reports on Relocation and Resettlement.

Regarding the seat of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, the seat of the agency is in Warsaw since 2005. The Headquarters Agreement, in accordance with Article 57 of Regulation (EU) 2016/1624(2) clarifies and establishes, among others, the legal status of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, the immunities, privileges and tax exemptions accorded to the Agency, its staff and their family members thereby providing for the best possible conditions to ensure the proper functioning of the Agency.

(1) Press release of the Commission: IP/2017/1607.
(2) OJ L 251 of 16.9.2016, p.1.
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