Answer – Construction of border fences in Lithuania using EU funding – E-000936/2017

Neither the Internal Security Fund (ISF) nor the ISF national programme for Lithuania foresees support to the construction of the fence at the border with Kaliningrad.

Within the framework of the Lithuania-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme (CBC) for the 2014-2020 period, none of the infrastructure projects included in the Joint Operational Programme agreed by both countries and adopted by the Commission, relate to the construction of a fence on the border between the Lithuania and the Russia Federation (Kaliningrad).

Therefore, no budget allocated to the Lithuania-Russia CBC programme, coming from the European Neighbourhood Instrument, the European Regional Development Fund and national co-financing, can be used for the construction of the fence in question.

In no way does the Commission promote policies or actions toward the creation of a so called ‘Fortress Europe’. On the contrary, the EU’s strengthened external border arrangement, including through the creation of the European Border and Coast Guard must be fully in line with the Schengen Border Code and EU acquis related to non-refoulement.

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