Written question – VP/HR – Duty of prior consultation to ensure respect of human rights in Colombia – E-007689/2017

Articles 6, 15 and 17 of ILO Convention No 169 concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries of 1989 stipulates the duty of States who are Parties to it to consult the communities concerned before authorising economic projects which affect their territories. In the case of Colombia, which is part of said Convention, the indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities, especially on the Pacific coast, have been witness to an absence of such consultations on several occasions. This therefore violates their collective rights which, on occasion, entails subsequent human rights violations enabled by the businesses which are set up in said territories.

In February 2017, the European Parliament held a public hearing to reach an understanding of this issue in Latin America, but the infringements still exist.

1. What is the European Union doing to stop Member State businesses from carrying out projects which have not been subjected to the proper prior consultation required in Colombia?

2. Does the European Union somehow support the Colombian Government to fulfil this consultation duty in the cases which concern European businesses to avoid subsequent violations of human rights?

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