Written question – Turkish provocation following the devastating earthquake in the Aegean – E-004050/2017

On Wednesday, 14 June 2017, in violation of international regulations and international law, Turkey issued Navtex 613/17, announcing that it intended to reserve a specific area extending 10 nautical miles off the west coast of Lesbos in order to practice drills with live ammunition in that part of the Aegean. The island of Lesbos has, of course, recently been struck by a devastating earthquake.

Turkey is once again challenging Greek sovereign rights in the Aegean — on this occasion just a few hours after the abovementioned earthquake in the area.

Given that this act of Turkish provocation is yet another indication of Turkey’s contempt for the rules of international law and European institutions and a violation of the sovereign rights of an EU Member State, at a time when a state of emergency has been declared in the municipality of Lesbos, will the Commission say:

What immediate action will it take in response to this unacceptable act of provocation by Turkey, coming, as it does, one day after the powerful earthquake?

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