Over 1 000 people return to SwapoKaratekas Want Inclusion In The Governor’s Cup

SWAPO Party Vice President, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, said since they embarked on Swapo party rallies nine months ago, they have seen over 1 000 old Swapo members return to the party.

Nandi-Ndaitwah was speaking during a party rally held at Oshakati Independence Stadium in the Oshana Region on Saturday.

According to Nandi-Ndaitwah, people coming back to the Swapo Party demonstrates that Swapo is still a beloved party.

‘Swapo is home, and will always welcome each and every one who wishes to return to their loved party,’ she said, adding that they continue to receive new and old members of the party.

Nandi-Ndaitwah noted that Swapo is a party for every Namibian, and should always be guided by solidarity, peace and democracy and should always consider the rights of every individual.

Moreover, Nandi-Ndaitwah indicated that as a party, they have the responsibility to ensure economic independence in the country and this can only be achieved if they remain united, saying that they should not be divided at all co
st if they are to develop the country.

Nandi-Ndaitwah stated that she has learnt a lot from the time of the party’s elective congress held last year, and while hosting the party’s rallies in all 14 regions, the party learned what the people need to be addressed in order to ensure development.

After the congress, Nandi-Ndaitwah said there was division in the party, and that was expected, that was normal, the danger came when some people refused to accept the outcome of the 2022 congress.

Nandi-Ndaitwah further indicated that the conclusion of the party rally in Oshana Region is a great move, as the region is home to rich political history.

Speaking at the same occasion, Swapo party regional coordinator, Werner Iita, indicated that Nandi-Ndatiwah is their sole authentic presidential candidate for 2024 and they have 100% confidence in her leadership.

‘Politically, Oshana is stable and we are ready to face any political negative waves vigorously,’ he said.

Iita further stated that they reject and shall cont
inue rejecting the notion of an extra congress, as they fully rally with Nandi-Ndaitwah, who was elected during the congress that concluded last year.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency

Karate Clubs in Kakamega have appealed to the County government to include the sport in the Governor’s Annual Cup tournament to help nurture talents and identify others.

The Secretary General of Kakamega County Karate Association, Christopher Ouma, who is also a referee with the Kenya Karate Federation said Karate is growing in popularity in the county, with many people including youngsters showing great interest.

He said, including the sport in the Governor’s cup will enable the clubs to popularize the sport and get many Karateka who can compete both Nationally and at International competitions.

Ouma also urged residents of Kakamega to join Karate which is just like any other sport.

The available Karate clubs in Kakamega include Masinde Muliro University, Sigalagala National Polytechnic, Kakamega Karate Club, Imbale Karate club in Mbale Secondary school, Musingu Secondary school Karate club, another one in Mumias and Lugari Sub Counties.

He says that Karatee does not require too much space, only space
in a hall and a Tatami, which is a mat where to play from to minimize incidences of injuries to the players.

The Chairman of Kakamega County Karate Club Wilson Mutende said they are on course to ensure that Karateka’s in Kakamega County Karate clubs get better training and bring stakeholders on board to help improve the sport.

He asked the county government’s County Executive Committee Member in charge of Sports Mophat Mandela to support the Karate Clubs in the county with training equipment, sportswear and other logistics to make the sport vibrant.

The Secretary General of Kakamega County Karate Association, Christopher Ouma speaking to KNA in Kakamega.

‘In terms of equipment, we have those called handmitts, which we put on in our palms, there are those mats which we don’t have, they are called the Tatami. We need the mats so that we can train when we are comfortable to avoid cases of injuries, we also need uniforms and protective gear,’ he added.

He noted that through the sport, the clubs are engaging
the youth and training them on life skills and helping to stop drugs and substance abuse.

Western Region Karate Association Commissioner George Alexander Mulama said the association is actively doing a recruitment drive for Karateka’s from the grassroots, in both primary, secondary schools and in colleges.

He noted that Karate does not have age limits, with available categories for the young, middle and the old ages.

A Karate trainer at the Kakamega County Karate Club, Musungu Ngaira said that Kakamega County Karatee club has recorded great achievements in recent competitions.

He said that, in 2019, during the Inter-counties competitions in Nakuru, Kakamega county emerged the winners under the Ladies category.

‘Still in 2019, during the African Karate Championships in Rwanda, Kakamega County Karate club’s Nelson Ligami, was among the Karateka’s who represented Kenya in the championships,’ he added.

However, Ngaira says that the biggest challenge the Karate Clubs of Kakamega face is that some people stil
l perceive Karate as a Foreign sport.

‘As teachers we want to domesticate it.We want every household and in every family to have a Karateka just like in football, where we have footballers almost in every household,’ he added.

The Karatekas also encouraged ladies to take part in the sport, which just like any other sport in the country, improves one’s keenness, keeps fit and helps a person to develop courage.

Source: Kenya News Agency