Ivory Coast: Government condemns xenophobic remarks by ex-president

ABIDJAN The Ivorian government condemned a remark considered as extreme by its former President, calling for hostility towards foreigners.

The remark was purportedly made by former President Henri Konan Bedie on Wednesday.

In a statement which includes a video of Bedie’s remark to the party’s website, the government said Ivorians will not accept such remarks.

The Ivorian government said it considers that these statements are likely to jeopardize peace and social cohesion, the country’s national unity and stability.

Henri Konan Bedie also talked about a massive arrival of foreigners into Ivory Coast who are given official documentations.

He also accused his former ally Allassane Ouattara of planning to distort the 2020 elections, referring to the upcoming presidential election.

The former president also incriminates ”armed foreigners” in this West African nation.

Henri Konan Bedie’s statement comes on a back of inter-communal violence, in a country where a significant part of the population are immigrants.