Answer – FRONTEX position on the mistreatment of refugees at the Hungarian border – E-001679/2017

The mission carried out by the Commission in Hungary on 17-19 October 2016 covered issues related to asylum, border and return policies, including the issue of allegeddisproportionate use of force when migrants found within 8 kilometres of the Hungarian border are escorted back to the border with Serbia.

In the context of field visits at open and closed reception centres during that mission, the Commission met with representatives of international and national non-governmental organisations as well as asylum applicants. Although no systematic use of force was found, the Commission considers that all credible allegations or complaints submitted to the Hungarian authorities on the violation of fundamental rights trigger a positive obligation to effectively investigate these cases, in a prompt and impartial fashion.

The presence of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency and its guest officers at the external borders confronted with steady pressure of irregular migration and the regulatory framework provided for by Regulation (EU) 2016/1624 on the European Border and Coast Guard are the most effective way to ensure the correct application of the relevant Union law.

In case there would be evidence that there are violations of fundamental rights or international protection obligations that are of serious nature or are likely to persist, the Commission would provide its full support to the Executive Director of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency to make the consequent decisions in accordance with Article 25(4) of said Regulation.