15 Surgeries Performed At Narok Referral Hospital

Narok Referral Hospital, in collaboration with Rotary clubs Maasai Mara and Enkare-Narok, as well as the Surgical Society of Kenya, held a free surgical camp in Narok town where over 15 surgeries were performed. Speaking to the press in Narok on Wednesday, the president of the Surgical Society of Kenya, Dr. Paul Odula, said they had performed 15 surgical procedures and that their aim was to perform over 40 medical procedures in a day. Odula added that the programme is an annual globally, and this time Narok County is the beneficiary for the year 2023. He recognised the efforts of other stakeholders who have contributed to ensuring that the programme reaches out to as many people as possible. Odula said that they are expecting over 400 people to benefit from a free surgical medical camp that will run from September 27 to October 1. ‘We are expecting over 400 people to benefit from this free surgical programme, even though there is a higher turnout, as we can see,’ he said. A wide-range of surgical procedures will be offered in a free surgical camp including stomach swellings (hernia) repair, goiter, prostate problems, cataracts, various eye illnesses and any other swelling within the body. The surgeries are being carried out at Narok County Referral Hospital, Shepherd’s Hospital, Cottage Hospital, Medicatia Hospital, and the premier care hospital in Narok. The Rotary Club’s President-elect, Catherine Mutula, said the free surgical camp’s aim is to give hope to vulnerable people with swelling disorders who highly need surgeries. Mutula noted that Narok County is full of challenges, especially for those dwelling in remote areas, which pose a great challenge to accessing services and medical treatment, hence calling upon Narok residents to take advantage of the free surgical camp because it is open to all. Dr. Joe Kamau, a member of the Nairobi East Rotary Club, echoed the president-elect’s sentiments and said that the Rotary mainly targets people living in poverty to provide surgical services that they may not be able to get due to their low income status. Fred Leperes, a relative of one of the beneficiaries, said that his patient had undergone a surgical procedure successfully. Leperes added that the quality of service is top-notch, and he hopes that many residents will come out to receive the services from the team of surgeons. Irene Koros, also a beneficiary, said that she decided to take advantage of the free screening and get free treatment for her condition.

Source: Kenya News Agency