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Michelle Jepruto’s Journey To Academic Excellence

Amid the raging gunshot sounds in the troubled Kerio Valley, an academic champion brings the Ministry of Education officials on a tour to ascertain the challenges locals face, but she overcame them to prosperity.

Michelle Jepruto has decent work, earning and learning leadership skills with Equity Group after scoring grade A at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2023.

The brilliant Elimu Scholar was the best candidate out of the 90 in Elgeyo Marakwet that benefited from the first batch of the Ministry of Education Elimu Scholarships in 2019 implemented by Equity Bank.

Michelle attributed her success to being able to remain in school throughout her four years of uninterrupted studies after her fees was fully paid for, among other provisions for a school-going girl.

‘I was always in school, unlike some children whose studies were interrupted when they were sent home for fees or other items,’ she said.

The Government of Kenya and its partners are cognizant of the right to quality educatio
n for all children of school-going age as enshrined in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution to ensure admission, retention, transition, and completion.

Michelle defied the odds of early marriage, female genital mutilation, and teen pregnancy by choosing to work hard in school and serve as a role model to her younger siblings and the community, which has adopted the mantra ‘Tunataka tusome kama Michelle.’

Michelle is only one of the numerous beneficiaries of the Elimu Scholarships, courtesy of World Bank funding to improve the quality of education in Kenya through the Ministry of Education and implementing partners Jomo Kenyatta Foundation and Equity Bank.

Michelle is optimistic about getting a scholarship to study abroad at a prestigious university, but when push comes to shove, she commits to pursuing her dream degree as a nurse since she has already secured a slot at Meru University. This, she says, will make her realise her long-term goal of helping her community access quality healthcare.

The four y
ears’ transformation of a C student after scoring 299 marks at the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) to an A student at KCSE can only be equated to a wonder of the world and a miracle necessitated by the opportunity to transit to secondary school, retention, and the and the student’s hard work and determination.

Everlyn Chepkorir, mother to Michelle, was jovial and appreciated that her second-born child in a family of nine is a testimony that education is an equaliser. Despite their humble background, the future looks bright.

She says since Michelle got the Equity Leadership programme and employment, she has seen light, and the family is changing for the better.

Chepkorir asserts they have an additional source of income, unlike before, when she struggled with her husband to raise the big family amid the high cost of living.

‘Michelle has enabled my other children to go to school; they are not sickly since they eat well, among other interventions that go into raising a big family while at the s
ame time being able to save,’ said Chepkorir.

No sooner had we completed the home visit at Michelle Jeprutos home than gunshots reigned supreme, forcing the Ministry of Education team and their champion scamper to safety, whichever way possible.

After a while, there’s calm, and the education officials embark on their journey with Michelle, passing through secured roads with army officers in heavy military artillery and armoured vehicles, a sign of control to contain insecurity.

Source: Kenya News Agency